Dave Cardoza has been working as a professional musician for many years. During this time he has spent many hours primarily a keyboard player and vocalist performing and recording in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been actively involved in the evolution of electronic music, composition, and keyboard technology since the late 1960’s.

Dave enjoys playing all types of music from big band jazz to hard rock & pop to country. Some of the instruments he has performed with are…

Hammond organ, piano, Fender-Rhodes piano and many synthesizers such as; ARP String-Ensemble, ARP Axxe, Mini Moog, Oberhim OBXA, Yamaha DX7, Roland D-50, Kurzweil PC-88, E-mu Proteus, Guitar, and a Mac computer with Musical Instrument Digital Interface MIDI.

At the present time he is using;

Roland VR-760.D50 and an iPad for live performances.

Some of the bands he has worked with in the past include: The "Collective Works" in the 70’s and "Friends with Jim Bedford" in the 80’s & 90"s.

Recently Dave has performed with:

"The Blues Defenders" a Blues Band, "Outrider" a Hard Rock Band

"Silver Spur" a Country Rock Band, "Just Truckin" Now called "The City"

"Band of Gold" Standards and Country.

"James Clark and the Jail House Rockers" a Tribute to Elvis.

Add now with the "Van Burdon Project"


Piano at age 6

Trumpet; 4th grade to 1st year of college, enrolled in Band every year.

Organ; private lessons at age 11

Jr. High, Started playing in Bands after school with friends.

Mid 20’s Private lessons with Don Haas, Composer, Conductor of the Circle Star Theater Orchestra. And a Professor at San Jose State University.

Ohlone College, Enrolled and completed almost every music class available from 1970-1999. Performed & Recorded with the...

"Ohlone College Evening Jazz Ensemble" for several years.

Dave teaches Piano and Keyboard at Allegro Music in Fremont CA.

Teaching Philosophy...Music should be fun!