Steve Sandness



Steve Sandness has been active in the Bay Area music scene for the past 22 years. He

has performed primarily with the Takin’ Care of Bizness (TCB) Band, James Clark’s

Tribute To Elvis, and the Ely Brothers Doubletake 50’s/60’s Rock Show, as well as the

Crossroads, Silverado, Aces Wild, Bill Mattimoe, Dick Green, and Bit and Spur country

bands. He has also been active as an on-call guitarist. Originally from the Upper

Midwest he spent several years playing with Iowa and South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall

Of Fame bands Myron Lee & The Caddies and The Talismen. He has previously

worked with the other members of the Van Burdon Project in a variety of musical

situations and really enjoys the energy, enthusiasm, musicianship, and attention to detail

of the Van Burdon Project in bringing to life the music of Van Morrison and Eric