Bob Carter



I am a Packaging Salesman by trade.

I have been selling for over 30 years now.

I started playing music at 13 years of age with school mates.

I played in a high school band called Collective Works and continued professionally with the same band for another 12 years making a good living for the times.

I have written songs with the Collective Work and recorded one album with them.

We had a ball making it and still treasure the recordings we all made together.

I continued playing later on with one of my best friends, Ron Willett as a two piece for another 8 years.

We played on the road for awhile and finished up our time together playing local clubs and parties.

I have played with the TCB band for a few years and quit after getting married to my beautiful wife Patty.

I continued to play in the worship band at our church and was approached by my good friend and fellow musician Jim Shannon about possibly trying out for the Van Burdon Project.

I have a raspy rock voice and I was thrilled to be accepted by the band to join the Project.

It has been a real treat practicing with these guys.

They are all seasoned musicians with a knack for detail.

I look forward to a lot of great shows with them all.